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2018 Landscape Photo Calendar


Photographer Kevin Ceccon hand selects his favorite landscape photos displayed in this calendar.

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Copper Peak Views


A shot from the sky shows the presence of Copper Peak from a distance.

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The Upper Lake


This panoramic photo by Kevin Ceccon is a representation of one of the vast shorelines of Lake Superior.

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Fall In The Sticks


This panoramic photo taken by Kevin Ceccon was captured in the forest of Michigan.

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Zion Fall Days


A crisp fall day catching a glimpse of the community at the top of Mt Zion.

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Sunflower Farm


Rainy day in a bright field of sunflowers, this farm still was a great photo capture for Kevin Ceccon.

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The Overlook


Kevin Ceccon captured this photo of the scenic overlook on a perfect fall afternoon.

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Light Up The Woods


This photo of the full moon glistening through the trees was shot in the forest of Wisconsin.

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Apostle Islands National Lakeshore


This landscape photo of the ice caves captured off the shore of Lake Superior was taken by Kevin Ceccon.

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Northern Lights On Lake Superior


This landscape photo by Kevin Ceccon is a representation of a gorgeous late night in Michigan.

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Minnehaha Falls


This landscape photo by Kevin Ceccon represents one of many beautiful summer days in Minnesota.

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Superior Mornings


This landscape photo off the cliffs of Palisade Head was shot by Kevin Ceccon.

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When The Sun Falls


This landscape photo on the peak of Wolf Mountain in Michigan was taken by Kevin Ceccon.

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Fire On The Horizon


This landscape photo of the sunrise off of Palisade Head in Minnesota was captured by Kevin Ceccon.

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4AM In The Woods


In the first hours of the morning light this forest setting was captured in Michigan.

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Minneapolis City Lights


This landscape image of the Minneapolis skyscrapers was taken by Kevin Ceccon.

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Pine Trees So Bright


This landscape photo was captured by Kevin Ceccon in the early winter forest in Michigan.

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Bond Falls


This landscape photo of the breath taking Bond Falls is the work of Kevin Ceccon.

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Screaming Tree


This gorgeous fall photo of a Red Maple tree was captured by Kevin Ceccon.

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Doe a Deer


A doe and her fawn together on a winters morning by Kevin Ceccon.

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The View Of A Great Lake


A landscape photo of the shoreline of Lake Superior in Michigan shot by Kevin Ceccon.

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Winter Red


A landscape photo of the freshly fallen snow on a new winter day in Michigan.

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Target Field


Season Opener at the Twins Stadium in Minnesota is the work of Kevin Ceccon.

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Huntington Beach Pier Sunset


This landscape photo taken off the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean is a warm and inviting scene.

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The Water Runs Steady


This landscape photo taken by Kevin Ceccon shows the beauty of the running water of Bond Falls in Michigan.

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The Superior Ship


This landscape photo shows the impressive mass of a ship in Lake Superior.

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Canada Sunset


This gorgeous shot of the sky was captured as night fell upon the lake in Canada.

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An intricately captured shot of a unique view from a day at Como Zoo in Minnesota.

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Yellow Brick Road


Kevin Ceccon grabbed this distinctive look through the architecture in this landscape from a day at Como Zoo in Minnesota.

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